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Deploying an eLORAN network requires a unique combination of engineering disciplines. From large scale wireless network operations to highly specialized electronics, Hellen Systems brings together an industry leading team to deploy a nationwide, affordable, and resilient PNT system.

Hellen Systems eLORAN Team

The Hellen Systems team has a combined market capitalization exceeding $100B and holds all the necessary expertise to deploy a nationwide and affordable eLORAN solution.

L3Harris Technologies: eLORAN System Integrator

L3Harris is the lead system integrator for the eLORAN Signal in Space Service. L3Harris Corporation is an established government contractor and communications industry leader. L3Harris has more than 50 years of experience and wide-ranging expertise in the development, deployment, integration, fielding, life-cycle maintenance, and technical refresh of enterprise-level communications and data dissemination systems. With annual revenues exceeding $16B L3Harris has a demonstrated record of delivering consistent value to customers. With more than 9,000 dedicated engineers and scientists, L3Harris holds an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies that have been optimized through Core Technology Centers, standardized processes, and common metrics. One of L3Harris’ core capabilities is PNT, whereby the synergy of the combined corporation has created a larger and broader range of PNT capabilities. These capabilities leverage the research of a CRADA with DHS and the US Coast Guard (USCG) and extensive portfolio of Anti-Jam Antenna System products and experience with GPS/GNSS technology. L3Harris payloads and components have been on board every U.S. GPS/GNSS satellite—more than 75 missions since the 1970s.

Microchip Technologies: Frequency and Timing Solutions

Microchip Corporation provides all of the sophisticated frequency and timing equipment for the eLORAN system as well as the commercial eLORAN receiver reference design and user equipment. Microchip is a large US company with a long and successful history of providing precise time, frequency, and synchronization solutions for government, commercial, and enterprise applications, and is a trusted source for these capabilities both in the US and abroad. For over 30 years, Microchip has delivered high reliability timing products to the USG and national critical infrastructure operators, including the Time and Frequency Equipment (TFE) used in the updated LORAN-C transmitter stations located throughout the US. For over 35 years Microchip’s Frequency and Time Division, a world leader in precise time, frequency, and synchronization, has been providing component and system level timing solutions for critical infrastructure market sectors, including over 95% of the domestic commercial telecommunications market, financial/banking, and enterprise-wide internet technology applications. Moreover, Microchip has an extensive network of regional sales channel partners and global distribution companies that provide extended reach into critical infrastructure / key resource markets, with long standing customer relationships both in the US and abroad. Microchip has also been the sole provider of updated TFE for the US LORAN-C stations since 2000, and has developed and demonstrated new products specifically for eLORAN applications, including LORAN-C/eLORAN timers and signal generators, an eLORAN research receiver, and other updated TFE for use in the LORAN-C/eLORAN transmitting stations.

Columbia_Capital logo

Columbia Capital

Columbia Capital was founded over 30 years ago and over time has developed a profitable and repeatable investment model, guided by a specialized and experienced team, and invested in over 175 portfolio companies. We’ve focused exclusively on the Communications and Technology (“C&T”) space, and we use our experience and insights in partnership with experienced executive teams to proactively initiate and develop new businesses. Columbia is fortunate to have built relationships with talented entrepreneurs that span multiple portfolio companies and multiple funds over time. We do our best to emulate the winning culture our portfolio leaders cultivate in their individual companies by emphasizing fairness, transparency, and ambition.

Continental Electronics Corporation: eLORAN Transmitters

Continental Electronics Corporation is the premier US manufacturer and supplier of advanced radio frequency (RF) broadcast transmission equipment and will be providing the transmitters to support the eLORAN program. CEC is the world’s most experienced designer and builder of the highest power radio broadcast equipment, providing a full range of products for broadcasting, military and scientific applications. US based and in business since 1958, CEC transmitters have been supporting global commercial and government customer from AM broadcasting systems to the transmitters used by NASA’s Deep Space Network to communicate with the Voyager probes beyond our solar system.

Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct is a major supplier of networking, cloud-based hosting and storage services and network and security monitoring services to customers requiring highly reliable and in some cases safety critical services. Satcom Direct maintains two major facilities – one in Melbourne, FL and one in Denver, CO – which back each other up to ensure high reliability in all services provided.

Crown Consulting: Training and Operational Support

Crown Consulting, Inc. serves both private and government organizations in enhancing their performance through providing analytics, information solutions and engineering services. Crown has earned a reputation for innovation among industry leaders and government entities alike. Crown Consulting will help lead the development of training, depot management and field service work for maintaining the eLORAN transmitter network.

NeoTech Natel Epic OnCore: eLORAN Antenna Suite

NEOTech is a leading North American provider of high-reliability electronic and microelectronic system design and manufacturing services, with differentiating capabilities in RF and microelectronic technologies.

NEOTech specializes in the manufacture of complex, high-mix and mid volume products for the aerospace & defense, medical and industrial end markets. NEOTech’s capabilities include:

  • Vertically integrated solutions
  • Substantial scale and end-to-end service offerings, including engineering and product development, manufacturing and aftermarket support and fulfillment
  • Fourteen manufacturing and engineering locations in key North American geographics
  • Unique operating model allowing for best-in-class operational efficiency through Lean manufacturing principles
  • Extensive global supply chain delivering flexible, cost-effective and tailored supply chain management solutions

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