107 West Federal Street, Suite 4 Middleburg, VA 20117
107 West Federal Street, Suite 4 Middleburg, VA 20117

A Resilient Complement to GPS/GNSS

eLORAN is an independent and dissimilar complement and co-primary capability to GPS/GNSS. It allows users to retain the safety, security, and economic benefits of GPS/GNSS, even when satellite services are disrupted. There are no common failure modes between eLORAN and GPS/GNSS, meaning a disruption that causes a failure of one system will not impact the operation of the other. This is a core principle of a resilient system.


Enhanced Long Range Navigation: eLORAN is the 21st century evolution of a proven technology known as LORAN-C. LORAN-C was operated by the United States Coast Guard for over 60 years as the world’s premier radionavigation technology for PNT.

A Critical System

GPS/GNSS is essential to our daily lives just like other utilities such as water, electricity and broadband internet. The Hellen Systems eLORAN solution will mitigate significant threats to our critical infrastructures.

An Experienced Team

Hellen Systems brings together experts in low frequency transmission technology, timing and frequency equipment, system integration, antenna design, training, and cyber security to deliver a comprehensive eLORAN platform that will provide resilience to the GPS/GNSS system.

Hellen Systems Delivers the Right Solution

eLORAN: The optimal PNT system that meets the needs of critical infrastrucure, government and commercial customers.

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